IMPACT Advanced Communication

How can I get my employees to communicate more clearly internally and externally?
What makes someone a truly effective listener?
How can I help my employees better understand non-verbal communication techniques?

Impact Advanced Communications is a unique, interactive course that covers these topics and more. Through years of research, we have designed a training program for your workforce on how to identify and communicate with people based upon how they like to hear or read information in person, online and on the phone. Training your workforce in these techniques will show immediate improvements in sales, productivity, efficiency and customer/employee relations.

Who Should Attend?
All members of your organization will benefit from this course.

What Will You Learn?

Attendees will learn and understand the preferred listening/processing methods of communication. Employees will learn how to deliver clear, concise messages targeted to an individual's preferred style of listening and processing.
Attendees will learn the traits, characteristics and tendencies of an effective listener and how to develop superior listening skills.
Participants will learn non-verbal communication techniques and the affect these techniques can have on verbal communication.