About Impact Skill Sets

Our Story
James P. O'Neil has over 30 years of experience successfully starting, building and managing growth-oriented companies. The very first company that Mr. O'Neil founded now has 35,000 clients and operates in 17 countries. O'Neil drew on this wealth of experience to develop Impact Skill Sets, Inc., a strategic management and training company.

The Impact Skill Sets' faculty includes best-in-class instructors with expertise in a variety of disciplines including presentations skills, sales/negotiation skills, leadership development, lean manufacturing, technology, advanced management and communications. Impact Skill Sets also has several strategic partnerships to help implement world class training programs, nationally and internationally.

Impact Skill Sets continues to conduct research on human behavior and design training programs that are reflective of the current corporate landscape. Today's organizations include a blend of millennials, Gen X and Y and Baby Boomers. How someone communicates, manages, sells and leads these diverse groups of people is critical for to their personal and organizational success.

We have trained more than 175,000 people in 130 organizations throughout the world, from enormous public companies to small, family-owned businesses. Our clients include Dunkin Donuts, Trip Advisor, Budweiser, Granite City Electric, Suffolk Construction, Ocean Edge Resort and Marshall's Jewlery.

The Impact Skill Sets team will work closely with your organization to evaluate your unique needs and recommend training solutions for taking your company to the next level.

What Also Sets Us Apart? Workforce Training Grant Assistance
If budget restraints are an issue, Impact can help your organization secure grant funding through the Workforce Training Fund. We have helped over 137 companies in New England, New York and California secure over $16.5 million in Workforce Training Grants.

Impact will assist you in grant writing, needs analysis and coordination - at no cost to you.
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