Commodore Builders
Impact Negotiations, Impact Conflict Management/Resolution
Granite City Electric Co.
Impact Management, Impact Selling, Customer Service
Vantage Builders
Impact Management, Impact Customer Service

Van Lumber Co.
Impact Selling, Lean Manufacturing
G.V. Moore Lumber Co.
Impact Selling, Impact Management
Northeast Electrical Distributors, Inc.
Impact Management, Impact Selling, Warehouse Management

J.M. Electrical Co.
ISO 9000/2000
Dynamic Results Inc.
Fiber Optic Training
Suffolk Construction
Impact Conflict Management, Impact Communications

Liberty Construction
Lean Enterprise
J. Calnan and Associates
Lean Enterprise, Conflict Management, Negotiation
B.N. Yanow
Impact Customer Service, Impact Selling

Emond Plumbing
Impact Lean and Impact Management
SG Torrice
Impact Management, Impact Selling, Impact Customer Service
Dellbrook Construction
Impact Lean

Integrated Builders
Impact Lean

City Lights Electrical
Lean Enterprise Training

Columbia Electric
Impact Selling
Impact Customer Service, Impact Selling