If you seek improved customer satisfaction and increased efficiency, productivity and demand, IMPACT Advanced Quality Training can provide your employees with the knowledge they need to help you achieve these goals.

Successful organizations continually search for quality improvement in their people, processes and products. This course will provide your organization with the critical skills to understand, implement and manage many quality standards, be it ISO 9000 Quality Management Standards, medical device quality standards, aerospace quality standards or automotive quality standards. With these skills, you will be building an organization capable of handling the challenges that accompany growth, prosperity and change.

This course is fully customized based on your specific industry and requirements.

Who Should Attend?
All staff members should be indoctrinated into the principles of the Quality Management System and the impact these standards will have on the way your company does business. Key operating staff, supervisors, line managers, and senior managers that attend will leave with the skills necessary to successfully implement and sustain the specific Quality Management Standards.

What you will Learn?

Principles of Quality Management Development of Quality System Documentation
Implementation and Management of Quality Systems Requirements Internal Auditing