Your network of personal and professional contacts is the single best resource you have.

But too many professionals fail to have the success they want because they don't know how to tap into this resource effectively. They don't understand or appreciate the number and variety of relationships they can access, are uncomfortable doing so, or have never been taught how.

SuperNetworking™ is the first method that transforms network from a vague concept into a concrete, sustainable process that is deliberate, effective and easy to follow.

Who should attend?
Professionals of all levels who want to develop their networking skills to improve their client relationships, create opportunities for additional revenue growth and for their own professional growth.

What you will learn?
SuperNetworking™ teaches you how to:

Articulate your value proposition to your specific target audience with an effective elevator pitch.Build your network and learn to "peel the onion" until you get to the right person.
Develop effective scripts that make it easy to get people to help you.Stay in touch and follow up to keep your network strong, monitor progress and measure ROI.
Learn the essential dos and don'ts of networking.Get better referrals and introductions that improve the quality and volume of clients.
Generate more revenue for your company, earn more money for yourself.