IMPACT Faculty

Elise Simard

"The ability to express an idea is as important as the idea itself." This truth is what has driven Elise Simard in her career as a top coach, trainer, and communication specialist. Over the past 20 years, Elise has worked with companies to advance and achieve their growth objectives by fostering executive/team communication skills development.

Elise's love of communication started with a career in the broadcast field: working for WCVB TV Channel 5, CNN, MSNBC, E! TV, and Reuters. Currently, she is the principal trainer/developer for Impact Skill Sets, the media specialist for V2 Communications and President of SpeechComm, Inc. Elise is a sought-after communication specialist recognized for effectively preparing speakers for broadcast/print interviews, media tours, panel discussions, speaking engagements including conferences and keynotes.

As President of SpeechComm, she has successfully developed and delivered training seminars to industries including: finance, AI enterprises, Information technology, business services, health care, accounting/legal, construction, media, travel, restaurant/food services. Elise is dedicated to the process of continuous research in business communication methodologies and on-going refinement to her programs based on the most current training philosophies. Her training and corporate coaching style reflect her belief in immediate implementation to maximize tangible results.