"The Impact Management course was very well presented and positive. I enjoyed the communication portion and working together with people that I do not normally work with. This training works!"

John Tetti - New England Confectionary Company (NECCO)
"The impact Selling course had immediate results with our sales staff. All of our employees that attended this course are reacting differently to customers. I recommend this course to anybody at any level in sales. Jamie O'Neil's Impact Selling is a winner"

Richard Goldberg - Marshall's Jewelry of Milford
"Impact's Management Course was fast-paced and kept my interest peaked, a casual atmosphere also made the time conducive to learning."

Daniel Tavares - Supervisor, ABM Industries, Inc.

"This training has been helpful and will be applied to my everyday work life. We went over skills that I may have never thought of to deal with conflict in business."

Shawn Alles - Engineering, Maverick

"These training classes were the "buzz" of the office!"

Anonymous - Judith Nitsch Engineering Inc.
"The instructors kept our attention for all of the classes. I believe the classes are a great tool, no matter when taken,whether day 1 or after 14 years of service. Jamie and Ruth were great!"

Julie Kleimola - Bournwood Hospital
"The Customer Service course showed me a different way to look at situations and a new way of getting things done. Wish I could have had this training when I started out many years ago."

Rick Enos - Dispatcher, AMA Transportation
"The class brought real-life examples to the table and reviewed them step-by-step."

Douglas Desautell - Quality Manager, Form Centerless Grinding

"The instructor was great!! He did not rush through the information and there was always a review at the end."

Hermes Valentin - Production, Davico Manufacturing, Inc.

"These classes have been geared to all who are in attendance and the instructor has the ability to get the entire class involved."

Gilda Pavao - Manufacturing, American Power Source, Inc.
"The instructor did a great job of keeping everyone focused and involved with class exercises."

Carole Hall-Herborg - I/R Specialist, Boston Center for Independent Living

"The class was very helpful and the subject matter was easy to understand because it was designed for all from the beginner to the more advanced."

Betty Morgan - Assistant PCM Coordinator, Center for Living & Working, Inc.
"It helped give me a new perspective about people, their communication styles and will hopefully assist me in dealing more effectively with clients and people in general."

Anonymous - Cape Cod Cooperative Bank

"The thing I enjoyed most out of this class is the way lessons had real life experiences to back them up. The strength comes from this connection to where it is applied in life."Mardge McLaughlin - Sales Support, G.V.Moore

"The content of the class is very beneficial in identifying customer, co-workers and management thought types."

Linda Brookfield - Granite City Electric

"The training course encourages you to learn more about yourself and the way you interact with others both positive and negative."

Anonymous - Mazonson, LLC
"The Impact selling course was upfront and in your face training that made you listen and understand the topic. This is the first time I have been exposed to this type of training in 30 years. I wish I had this 25 years ago".

John Orser, - Granite City Electric