Eliassen Group, Inc.
Selling, Impact Writing
National Technical Systems
Impact Management and Impact Selling
ABM Janitorial
Impact Management, Quality Foundation Training

Purity Services
Impact Management
Commercial Cleaning
Impact Management, Impact Quality Foundation
Ultimate Parking
Impact Management, Impact Customer Service

City Lights Electrical
Lean Enterprise Training
GAP Promotions
Impact Selling, Impact Management, Impact Quality
Hr Knowledge
Impact Customer Service, Impact Management

"Impact's Management Course was fast-paced and kept my interest peaked, a casual atmosphere also made the time conducive to learning."

Daniel Tavares - Supervisor, ABM Industries, Inc.

"This training has been helpful and will be applied to my everyday work life. We went over skills that I may have never thought of to deal with conflict in business."

Shawn Alles - Engineering, Maverick

"These training classes were the "buzz" of the office!"

Anonymous - Judith Nitsch Engineering Inc.