Financial Services

Bridgewater Savings Bank
Impact Selling, Impact Management, Impact Customer Service, Impact Presentation Skills
Vitale Caturano and Co. P.C.
Efficiency, EPace
Cape Cod Cooperative Bank
Impact Management and Impact Writing

Winter Hill Bank
Impact Selling
Radius Bank
Impact Selling, Impact Management
Knapp Schenck Insurance Co.
Impact Customer Service, Impact Communications, Impact Management

Sentinel Benefits
Impact Selling, Impact Communications and Impact Management
Eastern Insurance
Impact Selling
Milford Federal Savings
Impact Selling, Impact Management, and Impact Communications

Impact Customer Service, Impact Selling
Rogers and Gray
Impact Selling
McSweeney and Ricci
Impact Selling, Impact Communications, Impact Management

East Cambridge Savings Bank
Impact Selling
Bay State Savings Bank
Impact Selling
Northampton Cooperative Bank
Impact Selling

Edgartown National Bank
Impact Selling
Martha's Vineyard Cooperative Bank
Impact Management

Mazonson Insurance Co.
Impact Selling, Impact Management, Communication, Customer Service

Thorbahn Insurance Co.
Impact Selling, Impact Management

Harte, Carucci & Driscoll P.C.
Efficiency – Epace

Massamont Insurance Co.
Impact Communications, Impact Customer Service, and Impact Management