IMPACT Advanced Selling

a behavioral based selling system

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How does a person's listening and processing style impact the way that you sell to them? What's the most effective way to question a potential customer without turning them off?
How do you best identify a potential customer's loyalties and influences?How can you translate your features & benefits into a customer's wants and needs, motivating them to buy?

If your sales team needs help answering any of these questions, IMPACT Advanced Selling can help:

Who Should Attend?

Sales professionals, account managers, sales representatives and sales executives.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn the answers to all of the questions above through IMPACT Advanced Selling, a behavior-based selling system. You will learn skills for identifying an individual's listening and processing style, effective questioning techniques, activities associated with the social phase of selling, the discovery phase of selling, the qualifying phase of selling, trial closing techniques, dealing with objections and how to close business. We customize this course for your business, your industry and your employees.

Over the last 20 years, this course has been delivered to over 100,000 people working at companies in a variety of industries including manufacturing, service, high tech, medical and hospitality. The training course not only develops the skills of your employees but delivers measurable results for your company.

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