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"...When companies can increase their number of talented managers...they achieve, on average, 147% higher earnings per share than their competition."
Harvard Business Review

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IMPACT Advanced Management will teach you proven methods for advancing your management skills. Your results as a manager depend on how you interact with other people, especially the people that report to you directly. This course provides you with practical tools to improve overall supervisory and management effectiveness.

Who Should Attend?

Mid level and front line supervisors and managers with some management experience. This course is especially useful for "home grown" supervisors and managers who have come up through the ranks of their organization

What Will You Learn?

The training course offers a series of modules based upon the specific skills that you are trying to develop and improve for your management team. We fully customize the course based on the modules that you select and your desired outcomes. Some of the modules are listed below:

Preferred Listening and Processing Styles Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution Leadership
Coaching Goal Setting Time Management
Organizational Excellence

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